How to Earn Money from Ghost Writing

A Ghost Writer – The ONE, who is talented, writes for others (as that “other”) but never has a name under his writing. Although you never get to see your name printed in Black and White you do get lump some money for your work.

It’s a profession that is well suited for a person who enjoys writing and wants a flexible job.


Business firms have now started to use blogs as a platform to attract more and more business. So, there is always someone who can take credit of your work but pay you in return to it.

If you are ready to spend a couple of hours per day in ghost writing, you could very well end up earning decent money.

If you are ready to trade your credit for money, then Ghost writing is the best choice.

How It Works?

Ghost writers are no longer secrets in the publishing industry. If a publisher has bought a right for a book, he will immediately search for a writer to write the book. The publishing company has ghost writers at different levels

  1. At the lowest level, usually found in freelancing sites
  2. At the next level, one who signs an agreement
  3. Excellent/Elite ghostwriters, who can even receive loyalties

Tips For Earning In Ghost Writing

  • Identify the area of your expertise. It could be an area where you are more knowledgeable or can make easy research.
  • Highlight your skills.
  • Advertise your skills though other websites or create your own website and advertise through it.
  • Make a list of potential clients and contact them about your service. Also, provide them with samples of your ghost writing.

Note: Research on a few ideas, finish some articles based on these ideas and have a database of sample articles. This database can be supplied to the clients while contacting them. Keeping the samples ready is very important as it will give an idea about your writing and research skills.

  • Experience is the key to ghost writing. Plenty of freelancing experience will be an added advantage.
    • Experience might be in the form of books being published in your name, or,
    • Experience writing websites, or,
    • Experience as freelance writer.

There are also many quick ways to start earning as a ghost writer:

  • Online forums where website owners look for help with content creation.
  • Participate in online communities and provide link to your website or even include captions offering help for writing.
  • Bid for jobs in websites that requires ghostwriting people.
  • Get feedback for your work. This is very important because feedbacks help you find better, future work.
  • Write articles on public forums. While writing, do not forget to include information about the services you provide.

The Ghost writing is a very lucrative profession. If you are genuinely interested, have a interest towards writing and researching a topic and also have the ability to sell your skills, you can really earn in thousands!

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