How to Earn Extra While Doing Your Day Job

First things first, before you get to know ways in which you can add additional income while maintaining a day job, you need to know if your day job allows you to take up part time jobs or other employment. Therefore before you begin, read and re-read your joining docket from the first to the last word as many times as you need. Call your human resources department in case you need clarifications. Now let’s talk business.

There are many ways in which one can continue to keep their day job while encouraging their other side which involves a hobby or a passion. There are people who have tried several things at different points of time while having a proper day job. This gives you the flexibility to trial and error on the vast number of ideas that one can come up with. Wait for the one that gives you the best alternate source of income and then jump into it once and for all.

So for starters we need to know the options that one has to earn while doing a day job. An important point to remember here is that, while you are at your trial and error zone, ensure that all weekends are spent constructively.

  1. Party Food – With the hullabaloo of cooking shows and competitions, everyone wants to try their hand at becoming a master-chef. But if you really are one awesome cook who has an interest in knowing several cuisines, you can try your hand at taking orders for a small birthday party. Start from your home, make cupcakes and other accompaniments for the birthday party of the youngest family member – say your own children or nephews and nieces. If you hit it right, then there is no turning back.
  2. Event Management – Are you a good organizer with no stage fear? Then you can start organizing events such as a small get together or a birthday party. Get some innovative game ideas from Google, twist it according to the culture of the people you plan to entertain and you are ready to go. Just make sure to keep the crowd merry.
  3. Paid Shopper – If you have good taste in clothes or any purchase for that matter and you know the best shops that can get them, then you have a job in hand, only that it is part time. There are several biggies who do not have the time to go shop for themselves or for their loved ones. Such people employ personal shoppers who are paid based on hours that they work, time taken to inform (last minute requirement? Then double the charges) and so on. Charges are based on the price of the articles, for example 2% on the cost of the entire buy.

The ideas mentioned above are the most recent among others in the ‘how to earn while doing your day job list’. Find out which one suits your time and what kind of effort you can put in. It need not necessarily one of the above. It could be anything that you are able to convert into a successful business.


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