• hobby jobs

    How to Turn Your Hobby into Income

    Least did Clara know that when she volunteered to dress up her friend on her big day (wedding) that she would start her own business which would provide her regular income. Her interest in applying makeup and spending her husband’s hard earned money on new age cosmetics did not go astray. This is an ideal case of how a hobby has been turned into

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  • earn while doing feat

    How to Earn Extra While Doing Your Day Job

    First things first, before you get to know ways in which you can add additional income while maintaining a day job, you need to know if your day job allows you to take up part time jobs or other employment. Therefore before you begin, read and re-read your joining docket from the first to the last word as many times as you need. Call your human res

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  • photo

    How to Earn Using Photography

    There is nothing more exciting when your hobby becomes a profession. And Photography is one such domain which is not only exciting but also fetches lots of money. What is required is the interest, the knack to learn the techniques and knowledge to build your profession. Get Started When you get started, there are three things

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  • gjost

    How to Earn Money from Ghost Writing

    A Ghost Writer – The ONE, who is talented, writes for others (as that “other”) but never has a name under his writing. Although you never get to see your name printed in Black and White you do get lump some money for your work. It’s a profession that is well suited for a person who enjoys writing and wants a flexible job. Why<

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  • passive

    Basics of Passive Income

    The classroom definition of passive income is regular income generated with little or no effort. Although this can be widely accepted, one cannot step aside from passive income generating sources and say ‘it will come anyway’ while you are day dreaming. The truth is in fact just the opposite. If one is idle about passive income generating sourc

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  • blogging feat

    Blogging as a Revenue Generator

    Many people start blogs with the goal of making money in mind. If you know the best ways to make money with a blog, it will be a lot easier to generate revenue. Making money with a blog does require hard work, but it is much easier when you know the most effective methods of revenue generation. Affiliate Programs

  • credit cash

    Credit Card Cash Back/ Reward Points

    Have you ever thought how it would be if every time you shop you add benefits which may come back to you like a reward? This can be made true by using ones credit card to shop. As the quantum of shopping increases, your rewards increases and rewards are provided for the same. This is one way to earn passive income on the lines of ‘spend more and

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  • online program

    Passive Earning From Online Reward Programs

    Shopping has become more of online in the world today. When a person chooses to shop online, they switch between websites to check which one gives them the best offer. This is nothing out of the ordinary. However what seems to be a challenge is to see how to generate some kind of a passive income from these online shopping. The underlying aspect he

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  • second job feat

    10 Second Job Ideas

    There are a ton of random things you can do on the weekends to supplement your present income if you don’t have the time to (and don’t really want to) get a regular, more conventional second job. Whether you are trying to save up a huge sum for other purposes, a second job can help you improve your cash flow. Here are 10 second job ideas: Bart

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