How to Turn Your Hobby into Income

Least did Clara know that when she volunteered to dress up her friend on her big day (wedding) that she would start her own business which would provide her regular income. Her interest in applying makeup and spending her husband’s hard earned money on new age cosmetics did not go astray. This is an ideal case of how a hobby has been turned into a business thereby paving the way for a regular income.

If a person has a hobby that he/she is passionate about and if they are really good at it, then a bit of showcasing to bring visibility to it may help convert the hobby into business. Here is how you can do it.

  1. Use Social Media – Use social media such as facebook, twitter and whatsapp to show your work to people you know. This should be the first step. A couple of people may show interest in knowing what it is, a handful may appreciate it and another bunch may want to know how to do it which is the ultimate goal.
  2. Teach Your Hobby – If you have a hobby that interests others who want to learn it too, then you can arrange for classes. Start off doing this for close friends and acquaintances for a low fee and with each set of interested learners one can always take it to the next level.
  3. Sell Your Hobby – A person who has a talent to draw portraits or is good at photography, a person who can cook well, can sell their hobbies. Although one may use their hobby for relaxation purposes, once they start offering it to common people their own learning will improve and they can reach perfection soon.
  4. Writing/Blog – If a person is born with good writing skills, then they may be able to become good content writers or a person with a good narrative can publish novels or poems. This may be their chance to be famous as well.
  5. Gardening – Interest in keeping peace with nature can be fulfilling. It can be more fulfilling when it is offered to others as a service in order to spread the calm and in helping improve nature’s beauty. This is widespread today and loads of people are interested in growing their own vegetable and fruits in the calm of their own homes.
  6. Interior Decoration – This is another avenue which is creating business left right and center. Ambience have gained so much importance today that despite other factors being good, if the ambience is messy people just give it a miss. Hence if a person has innovative ideas about decorating a space, then this is their piece of cake.

Having listed ideas on how to convert ones hobbies into a business, it is also important to know how to price tag them. Offering ones products or services much lower than the going rates in the market may make people wonder on the quality of the product unless tested while offering prices higher than market rates may make them choose an alternative. Hence how to price and how to showcase one’s hobby are important factors to become successful entrepreneurs.


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