Passive Earning From Online Reward Programs

Shopping has become more of online in the world today. When a person chooses to shop online, they switch between websites to check which one gives them the best offer. This is nothing out of the ordinary. However what seems to be a challenge is to see how to generate some kind of a passive income from these online shopping. The underlying aspect here is that what comes back to your credit alone should not be treated as income. Any discount that arises out of online purchases in the form of a reward should be considered as passive income. The following are some of the ways one can earn using online rewards.


Some websites provide coupon codes when you register with them, which can be used to avail a discount or cash back. These coupons can be used during checkout in order to avail the benefits.


There are some websites which give you benefits when you send referrals. For each person who clicks on the website that has been sent to them, the rewards increase. There was one a flat 50% off on bills if you purchased a Pizza and this was solely based on an online referral target. For each click from the referrals, your count increases and when it reaches the given target, you get a flat 50% off.


At the time of checkout when an online purchase is done, one gets to use either their credit/debit cards or there is another option to pay through gateways. The recently famous one is the PayUmoney. Using these gateways one can earn reward points much the same way as done using credit cards. In addition to the reward points earned gateways also provide additional benefits such as additional discounts and cash back for specific bank’s credit cards and so on.


Some websites have games such as a wheel of fortune which when rotated points to various benefits that can be used at the time of billing.


Some websites have a quick poll that has to be answered. This may lead to receipt of more gift coupons that can be used at one or more sites at the time of billing.


Some surveys need time and not many give it away freely. Due to the timelines and importance of these surveys, some companies post them on websites and provide cash or reward points and discounts based on the successful completion of the surveys.

The above mentioned are some of the ways to earn from online reward programs. If you are internet savvy and know where to look for such promising websites, then this is your gateway to earn passive income. A word of caution, some advertisements that flash across your screen mentioning ‘click me and earn $100’ could also be a gateway to virus. It is imperative to google and find out the effects if you are doubtful of the credibility of some advertisements.

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