Passive Income Ideas and Ways to Make Extra Money

Passive income is the income generated on a regular basis with little effort. Passive income is one way to check if small businesses can make it big while one has a regular employment. In some cases this can be looked upon as trial runs. The benefit here is that since only a little effort is required, people who aspire to become entrepreneurs can actually have an active employment which gives them a lump sum salary and they can try these other avenues that they are passionate about in small ways that generate passive income. When it becomes a hit (passive income generator) they can quit and settle in the more passionate business.

The following are some passive income generation ideas

  1. DVD Library – Most people watch movies and with various international award that have gained popularity in recent times people have started good films in almost all languages. If you are a movie buff who has plenty of DVDs stacked up at home in some corner, then get them ready and start a lending library. Price the DVD at half the price of a store bought one and create your own passive income.
  2. Nail Art – If you are a woman who loves shiny and trendy nails, then collect all the nail colors you have. There are plenty of tutorials on youtube that show how nail art is to be done. Watch them and start offering your service to your friends. There is nothing like word of mouth to ensure the flow of customers. This could be your passive income.
  3. Your Own Cooking Channel (Youtube) – If you are good at cooking, then you can start your own cooking channel. All you’ll need is a good camera and some editing techniques that can be googled. With this you can start your own youtube channel. With more viewers and shares, advertisements will start soaring on your page and that’s how you make your passive income.
  4. Free Lance Writing – Passionate about writing, then this one is for you. Get in touch with people who may require content writers for blogs, websites and publications. This is one of the simplest ways for passive income.
  5. Online tutorials – Make online tutorials in simple language on anything under the sun. This will go places and advertisers will flock your website. One of the best passive income generators.
  6. Book Reviews – When people go about accusing someone of just being a bookworm, then it’s time to get the better of them. Review each book that has been read and put it on a website. Book lovers would flock your website just as the advertisers.

Some of the passive income generating ideas have been shared above. If you are a person who has already started receiving passive income then we have a small tip to offer. Make sure you that you account everything. Let’s take the example of the cooking channel. Account the cost of all the ingredients that you use in the channel (even if it is a daily meal that you are going to use it for) and neutralize it with the income you generate from advertisements. This way you’ll know how much you make.

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