10 Second Job Ideas

There are a ton of random things you can do on the weekends to supplement your present income if you don’t have the time to (and don’t really want to) get a regular, more conventional second job. Whether you are trying to save up a huge sum for other purposes, a second job can help you improve your cash flow. Here are 10 second job ideas:
Many bartender jobs are flexible, allowing you to work evenings and weekends. You can keep your day job and earn money in the evenings.
Rent Out Your Driveway
You can still make money from it by renting out your driveway. There are now a number of agencies, including letmepark.com and other websites that match motorists looking for regular parking slots with homeowners with spare drive space. Rates may vary depending on location and the demand for parking in the area.
Do Data Entry
There are job opportunities that allow you to do data entry or transcription work from home in your spare time. Just make sure the company you sign up with is legit. Check with the Better Business Bureau first or look for company complaints online that warn of scams.
Teach a Class
If you have a skill, talent, or education in an area, you can host a class at the local community center. Charge a few dollars for admission and teach crafts, knitting, scrapbooking, yoga, computer skills, or a foreign language.
Overnight Day Care
There are some parents that need to work overnight shifts, or that have other reasons to have their children watched at odd hours. You can provide overnight day care services, filling a need. Of course, if the kids are up, you won’t get much sleep. But, once many kids get used to the routine, they’ll sleep through the night.
You can do freelance work on the side to earn extra money. Writing, graphic design, web design, and software development are some of the jobs that you can do on a freelance basis. As long as you have the requisite skills, it’s possible for you to do this work — and do it when it’s convenient for you.
Be a Photographer
If you have a way with the camera, offer to take family pictures for friends and family. Word can spread until you get some regular weekend work. Charge a little less than the competition.
Ask for Overtime
Taking inventory, cleaning the office, or catching up on work tasks may be legitimate reasons for you to earn extra cash on your days off.
Become a Craft Vendor
If you have a talent for making creative things, sell your wares at festivals, fairs, farmer’s markets.
Bus Driver
Many cities hire bus drivers for certain routes and times. These state affairs might also be true of train operators and others working with public transportation. After going through the training process, you will be assigned your route, and you can start earning extra money on the weekend or during the evening.
Virtual Assistant
Many business people make use of virtual assistants. You perform administrative tasks like reading emails, arranging travel, making appointments, creating memos, and doing other tasks. In many cases, it’s possible to work in early mornings and evenings, as well as on the weekend, arranging your workload around your “regular” job.


Photo Credits: media.bizj.us