Best Paying Work At Home Jobs

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Online jobs are a good source for earning good amount of money. While there are many scams online, there are also legitimate well- paying ones. A computer and an internet connection is sufficient for these type of jobs but choosing one to match your skill set is important. These jobs are mostly flexible and suits students, homemakers, physically challenged and retirees. Self-motivation, proper skill set and discipline are required important characteristics for working at home. It is important to choose a job that best suits you.

  1. Blogging: You can either create your own blog or write for others. You can earn money from companies who want to put up their ads on your page. Google pays 68% money when its search is used for your blog. Based on your blog’s popularity, you can move from one-click ads to display ads and banners. While this is lucrative, a 100,000 followers are required for ad companies to choose you. Companies pay for writing blogs on their products as these days consumers first search for reviews before buying a product. However, from 2009, bloggers have to provide a disclaimer that they are being paid.


  1. Translator: There is a good demand for people who are fluent in more than one language. Audio files and documents have to be translated keeping in mind the cultural differences. This field pays well and even more for scientific and technical documents.


  1. Web developer and web designer: Companies pay well for freelance web developers and designers as it is more reasonable compared to the big companies. The pay depends on the level of experience and expertise. Monitoring the websites, building templates and troubleshooting can also be part of the contract.


  1. Teacher: There are lot of virtual tutoring opportunities apart from home tutoring. There are several websites that provide jobs with a six figure pay. Freelancing can be done and pay depends on the number of hours you invest. Home tutoring also provides good pay.


  1. Online Jobs: Online jobs other than blogging are available in plenty. Some are form filling, data entry, writer and editor. These are flexible jobs and the pay depends on the amount of work you take. Pay differs for every type and across industries.


  1. Call centre representative: Instead of outsourcing the call centre, companies these days prefer to source it to individuals working from home. Some companies pay by the minute rather than by the hour. The number of jobs is expected to go up by 18% from year 2010 to 2020.


  1. Home day-care: It is another well- paying job which can be done at the comfort of your home and requires very less investment. Providing a safe home and care is sufficient for this job.


  1. Tech support specialist: Companies look for skilled resources to provide technical support for their products. The specialists are educated on the products and are required to handle complaints from home. It is not as flexible as other online jobs but provides good pay.