Blogging as a Revenue Generator

Many people start blogs with the goal of making money in mind. If you know the best ways to make money with a blog, it will be a lot easier to generate revenue. Making money with a blog does require hard work, but it is much easier when you know the most effective methods of revenue generation.

Affiliate Programs

  • An affiliate program is a business arrangement where an online merchant pays a website owner a commission each time the website owner makes a sale or provides a sales lead.
  • Website owners place affiliate ads on their sites and, when readers click on those ads, a tracking cookie tells the merchant where the lead came from.
  • Affiliate programs typically pay a flat fee per lead or a certain percentage of each sale.
  • Commissions range from as low as one percent of the sale price to as much as 50 percent of the sale price.
  • If you have a high-traffic blog, affiliate programs can be a great way to generate revenue.


  • There are several ways to generate revenue from blog advertising. One is to use pay-per-click (PPC) programs , which pay you every time someone clicks on one of the ads displayed on your blog.
  • The amount you get paid per click depends on how much advertisers are willing to pay. Some clicks generate only 5 or 10 cents each, but other clicks can generate several dollars each.
  • If you have a blog with several dozen posts, you have plenty of opportunities to display these ads on your site.

Sponsored Posts

  • When you get paid to talk about a company’s product or service in a blog post, this is known as a sponsored post.
  • This is a controversial tactic, so use caution if you want to make money with sponsored posts.
  • Always let readers know that a post is sponsored.
  • If possible, address the negative aspects of a product or service to provide a fair and balanced review.

Product Sales

  • If you run a product-based business, your blog is the perfect platform for selling more of your items.
  • Provide useful, relevant information to your readers in every post.
  • At the conclusion of each post, explain the benefits of using one of your products.
  • Link to the product or offer a special discount for a limited time. This can help you sell more products and generate more revenue.


  • Providing people with free information costs a lot of time and effort. Even if you don’t want to sell advertising or join an affiliate program, there is a way to make some money with your posts.
  • Some bloggers add a donation button to their blogs and ask that readers make a donation if they find a post particularly helpful.
  • Some people will use the information without donating, but other people will appreciate the effort and contribute to the upkeep of the blog.

Information Products

  • An information product is exactly what it sounds like: a product that contains useful information.
  • E-books and reports are examples of information products.
  • Writing information products and using your blog to sell them. This is a good way to generate income with your blog.


The above ideas are just some of the ways to earn money with a blog. All of them require consistent blogging and a commitment to quality. While most blogs will not make money overnight, hard work and perseverance will pay off in the form of passive income.

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