How to Earn Using Photography

There is nothing more exciting when your hobby becomes a profession. And Photography is one such domain which is not only exciting but also fetches lots of money. What is required is the interest, the knack to learn the techniques and knowledge to build your profession.

Get Started

When you get started, there are three things you need to remember

  1. Quality is very important for a professional photographer. Any profession is competitive and if you want to sell your photograph, then don’t take pictures as an amateur. Learn the art through a mentor or take a course before starting it as a profession\
  2. Quality is important and it should be followed by uniqueness. Every photographer could take a picture of sunset but a unique photographer takes it in a unique way. Learn the art of being unique
  3. Even though you are a good photographer, you need to keep well in business. So, a fan base is very important to propagate your skills.

How do you sell Photography?

Your advertisements to engage you as photographer or sell your work can be done either directly or through online sales.

When we talk about direct sales, it will be through a community like a township or college or any place of work or even a coffee shop where you hang your piece of work.

Online sales can be through a third party site or through setting up your own site.

Ways to earn as a photographer

We discussed about how to sell our photography. And now, we are going to discuss the different areas where we can actually earn.

  • Wedding Photography is one of the most profitable ways when compared to others. If you have lots of contact and that too, in their early 20s and 30s, then this is the best way to earn money. It is also suited for entry level because it costs relatively low for becoming a wedding photographer. The only thing that you need to remember is that it needs lots of work and responsibility because it’s a very important moment for your client. Make sure to find a mentor if you are new to this. Also, communicate with your client often so that you know what their expectation is.
  • Property/ Real Estate Photography comes next in line. For this, you don’t need much of the gear. A DSLR, a wide-angle lens and a tripod is very much enough to capture the beauty of the property.
  • Stock Photography is a very tough industry. This is because popular photographers’ work is sought first. This is because clients always look for photos that will sell their product or service. But once you make it in this industry, it will be a good source for your income.


Other categories where you can earn as a photographer

  • Fine art photography
  • Work for a magazine
  • Teaching the photographic techniques to amateurs
  • Eve sell photography related equipments!

Whatever way you earn through photography, make sure you don’t do it for free. The worst thing to do is giving your talent for free. So, even if you set your fee as less, make sure you set a fee.

Enjoy earning as photographer!


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